Each article received in an electronic format, for reviewing and possible publication, is printed in two or three copies. Any reference to the name, institutional adscription of the author, or of the authors of the article is removed from these copies.

The copies of the article thus prepared, are submitted to two or three different peer reviewers, who will always remain anonymous to the author or authors of the reviewed article. The reviewers will issue a pronouncement either for its publication or its refusal.

Reviewers may make comments to the articles reviewed, and they may also make recommendations which may condition the publication of the articles reviewed.

Peer-reviewers are anonymous and unknown to the author or authors of the article reviewed. Decisions taken by peer-reviewers about a reviewed article are filled on a Review Format Sheet and are, thus, sent to the Editorial Directorate, who will, on its turn, send a copy to author of the article, caring not to reveal the identity of the reviewers, and caring not to reveal either their institutional adscription.

In case of a positive decision conditioned to corrections, the Editorial Directorate will send, with the copies of the Review Format Sheets, an invitation the author or authors of the reviewed article, to return it within the briefest delay.