Disclaimer on Theoretical Positions.

Subje/Civitas, does not necessarily endorse the ideas and proposals held within the published papers and leaves the responsibility of those ideas and proposals to the authors of the articles.

Disclaimer on Authorship Liabilities.

Papers submitted to Subje/Civitas for their review and possible publication, should be joined with a letter, printed in paper, signed and dated, in which the author or authors of those papers, declare to be true, under oath, that they are the authors of each and every phrase, sentence, text fragment, paragraph, graphic, figure, and illustration contained in the submitted paper, except where indicated as contrary.

Within a given article, phrases, sentences, text fragments, paragraphs, graphics, figures, and illustrations of an author or authors different from the one or from the ones that sign that article, should be indicated following the Criteria of Bibliographical Citation defined for Subje/Civitas in the section with that same title.

As mentioned before, the author or authors should send a document, printed, signed and dated, declaring both that they assume the complete authorship of their articles, except where indicated as contrary, and that they are totally responsible of any civil o penal suit related to the authorship of their articles.

In the sense above underlined, Subje/Civitas strongly advise the authors of articles submitted for reviewing and possible publication, that the articles must be original, unpublished, and totally authored by the persons who sign them as authors, except where indicated as contrary.

Once reviewed, and once approved for publication, each article will present at the bottom of its first page the following notice: “The author (or “The authors…”) of this article endorses (or “endorse”) the Clause of Authorship Liabilities Disclaimer of Subje/Civitas”.